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April 18, 2017

Today is the start of a new week -  the sun is shining, blossom is on the trees, Spring has definitely sprung; it's 9 days until my birthday but most importantly, IT IS A CHEMO FREE WEEK!



I am feeling generally well although have some lingering side effects from my chemo over the past two weeks.


The spots of which I spoke last week are either erupting beautifully or just flashing like Belisha beacons, so extra time is required on the morning make-up ritual.  I was warned about rashes but spots are not something which are usually reported as chemo side effects. I was afflicted in Round One and have been struck again in Round Two. I wonder whether there is a connection between having acne as a teen and having spots as a result of chemo? Maybe this is the way my body attempts to evacuate toxins from my body.  In any case, I hope they clear up before I meet the boyfriend's mother on Thursday!  


I am also having to endure what I have dubbed "chemo nose".  Again, I experienced this during Round One so it's no surprise.  I seem to have an excess of mucous so blowing my nose A LOT. I am also having nosebleeds, but only in my right nostril, weirdly.  I can cope with this but I am getting through a lot of tissues, either stuffed up my nose, wiping my nose or blotting spots which have burst!


Full of the joys of Spring (my favourite season by virtue of the fact my birthday falls in it) I have a lovely week of Princessing planned:


Wednesday, I am taking son no 2 back to Oxford University for the final term of his first year - that has gone so quickly, but then the holidays are almost as long as the terms! (Note to self: ensure they have rolled out the red carpet in my honour).


Thursday I will be donning my twinset and pearls for the big meeting of the mother.  It is a long time since I have met the parents of a partner - I was pretty good at it in my teens, let's hope I still have the charm 40-odd years on...


To end the week, I am really looking forward to meeting up with my fellow Ovarian Cancer princesses for a long overdue lunch on Friday.  They have been a source of comfort, strength and positivity since we met almost 6 months ago. Amongst other agenda items will be discussions about our forthcoming ultimate princess outing - Ladies Day at Ascot.  I already have my frock and fascinator, but now need to accessorise.


Saturday, the Female Funtime Four are heading to Westminster to see the film Sister Act on a big screen in a church, accompanied by a live gospel choir.  


Sunday lunch will be spent in the company of the blondes and their male counterparts.


I am firmly in "countdown to birthday" mode and some of my attention and energy this week will be devoted to sourcing the desired leather jacket which my mother is giving me.  Unfortunately the unprincessly size I require seems to be hard to come by but I managed to track one down and it just so happens to be located at my spiritual home...the Palace of Westfield White City.  So that is where I am headed tonight.


It is quite possible that other purchases will be made.  


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